Skylark: Siracusa, Anaerobic Natural, Colombia (250g)


Lime, Cherry, Mango, Sugar

Every year Sylark get in a super dope natural Colombian that doesn't just bring the fruit and the booze, but also the sugar. Typically they mark this coffee as perhaps the best of the year, and sometimes we use it for competitions. Stay tuned for some news about this coffee in the UK Barista Championship. We think it tastes like Lime, Cherry, Mango, and just good old white sugar. Sweetness for days.

They sourced this coffee with their friends at Falcon Coffee who are increasingly their go-to for high-end and ethical coffee sourcing. They've been knocking it out of the park with their work in Colombia recently, and it really shows.

We can grind all of our coffee to order - please add a note at checkout to tell us if you need your coffee grinding and what brewing method you use (cafetiere, v60 etc)

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