Process Coffee: Honey ICE Colombia (200G)


This is the second coffee in a showcase of amazing offerings from producer Luis Anibal Calderon. A Pink Bourbon, Honey ICE processed coffee is a pretty special and unique processing method that has created a distinct profile for this coffee. 

Check out some more info on it below to hear how this coffee came to be. But what you need to know from me. Is this coffee is special, and is one to play with on those slow sundays, or chill days off. Balancing the fruit acidity and cacoa notes is where it's at.

Kiwi and cacao. A Strawberry yogurt vibe, fruity & sweet

We can grind all of our coffee to order - please add a note at checkout to tell us if you need your coffee grinding and what brewing method you use (cafetiere, v60 etc)

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