Ossau Iraty (c.250g)


Type: Hard
Milk: Thermised sheep's milk
Rennet: Animal
Location: Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France

Made in Helette, in the Basque region of the Pyrenees, Ossau Iraty is said to be one of the first cheese recipes ever made, dating back to around 3,000 years ago.

The recipe unifies the farming traditions of two staunch adversaries of the Pyrenees, the Basques and Bearnais. The cheese takes its name from neighbouring valleys, the Val d'Ossau which lies in the Bearn region and the Val d'Iraty of the Northern Basque country. Whilst the inhabitants remain proudly independent of each other, this cheese conjoins their milks and production techniques to give a silken textured, long aged, hard cheese with toffee and butterscotch flavours. 

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