Obadiah Coffee: Ayarza, Guatemala, Natural, Whole Bean (250g)


Produced by Arnaldo López
Region - Ayarza, Santa Rosa
Harvest - April 2020
Process - Natural
Variety - Catuai, Bourbon, Anacafe 14
Grown at 1400-2000 masl

Arnaldo believes that the cherries for natural processing need to come from high altitudes and employ near-perfect pickings which is why their sourcing focuses on local small batch deliveries from trusted partners who provide us with consistent high quality ripe cherry. While there is an abundance of quality cherry in the region and a few areas that reach 2,000 meters altitude, the terrain is not ideal for processing naturals. Ayarza is remote and rough with almost no flat land available. For this reason they transport selected cherries to the neighbouring region of Amatitilan.

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