Kanpai: Kaho Junmai ‘Genshu’ Omachi, 17.5% ABV (375ml)


Attitude and funk! KAHO is an unconstrained example of our experimental side.

A lively, impactful junmai genshu sake of rich texture & layered complexity.

KAHO meaning “HEIRLOOM” is a premium sake in our “TIME” series - showcasing lesser-known historical brewing methods & ingredients, amplified through extended maturation & ageing.

KAHO is made from omachi, the mother of sake rice. The natural character of this heirloom rice varietal has been retained through minimal polishing.

KAHO underwent extended fermentation & maturation, with primary fermentation lasting 60 days, followed by more than a year in bottle; resulting in rich umami & mellow aged nutty rice character.

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