East London Liquor Company: London Rye Whisky, 47% ABV (700ml)


For centuries whisky has come with layers of history, tales of tradition, resistance to change and aversion to innovation. You deserve more. More flavour. More complexity. Heavy hitters for slow sippers. Malted Rye to Spice Up Your Life. Speciality Barley. Yeast strains from the future. Long fermentation. All aged in barrels from places too numerous to list.

Every drop of our London Rye® is made in the East End of London – a spot not often associated with whisky, or with following the rules. We use methods and techniques that turn our friends north of the border green with envy.

Mash Bill: Malted barley & Rye, >55% Rye (using malted Rye) <45% Malted Barley

Distillation: Double Pot Still

Fermentation length: 96 – 120 hours

Yeast: M-1 & (Abbaye & Belles) saison

Aged in: Regenerated oak, Hungarian oak, American oak & London Brandy

ABV: 47%

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