Climpson & Sons : Espresso Martini, 13.75% ABV (500ml)


Brazilian Coffee blended with Rum and Vodka. The coffee we bring in is from Daterra Estate from Brazil which lays the benchmark in the world for sustainable coffee farming; their rich, rounded, chocolatey coffee creates the cradle for the rest of our flavours. We then use our friends’ spirits, East London Liquor Company; they provide us with high quality rum from Guyana which has lovely caramel notes and a creamy vodka made in the UK from British wheat. We then add Bourbon vanilla and cacao to accentuate and complement the flavours of the coffee creating balance and cohesion.

Last to mention is our unique coffee brewing method, we’ve learnt a thing or two over the years on how to extract the best flavour from coffee, this is no different. We’ve developed a unique way of brewing our coffee for the espresso martini that utilises several techniques that draws out and locks in the full spectrum of textures and flavours.

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