The Quarter Store: Supporting Hackney’s food businesses

The Quarter Store is Hackney's newest home delivery food service and grocer. The name is a hybrid of war time quartermaster providing needed rations and a corner store. Shops we perhaps took for granted in the past - no longer.

Founder Max has always been a foodie, but it took lockdown to turn his passion into a business. He has set up several enterprises in his time and has worked in venture capital investing in startups so seen things from both sides of the coin. However in the lead up to launching he'd been freelancing and like so many suddenly found himself out of work as the ramifications of lockdown hit. This gave him the impetus to do something to help out locally.

"I wanted bread and coffee, and I wanted to support local businesses but it was difficult to get what I needed in one shop, with long queues and not knowing who was still selling or not."